Co-founder Sam Tate talks on LangCat panel
Co-founder Sam Tate talks on LangCat panel
8 Oct 2023, 2:03 p.m.

FTAdviser reports on Sam Tate's words on the panel at the Lang Cat conference this week.

The financial services industry has to match the technological expectations of new and younger clients to keep up, New World Financial Group director, Sam Tate, has argued.

Speaking at the Home Game 3 panel, Tech change: The planner perspective, Tate said: “You’ve got to understand what younger and potential clients expect and the way they communicate now with the technology that they’re used to generally.

“Our industry has to match their expectations because the competition is there and it’s growing.”

Citing examples of this competition, Tate pointed to ChatGPT, claiming the potential for the AI is an “existential threat to our industry”.

Therefore, Tate urged the industry to “think differently and communicate differently”, something that he believes technology will allow.!

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